Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Okay it's not an original title but it gets the job done. I managed to snap a few photos of our holiday decor. I need to take more photos when the rain settles and we get a few sun breaks. Wish me luck with that ;).


My hubby and son made the letters for me years ago. My house is fairly simple. I'm not one for clutter that would mean I would have to dust. Decor-06 

Please ignore the dying house plant in the background. I have a black thumb and I confess this is the 2nd plant to reside that corner. My sofa side table is a stack of old books I confiscated from my mom topped off by a tray. It's not exactly level but hey it's cool (or at least I keep telling myself that).


These 2 snow men are my favorite they came from my annual Christmas Bunco gift exchange. First we drink wine (really that's why we all play bunco isn't it), the gifts are collected, we draw numbers, then the fun begins. Items can be stolen 2 times before they are frozen. There was a vicious fight over these snowmen ... I must have had a good number that year. This year our annual gift exchange is Thursday. I can't wait it's always a fabulous evening.

Happy Crafting :)

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  1. Very pretty Christmas decor...I absolutely LOVE those two snowmen too, snowmen are my fave!! :)