Thursday, January 10, 2013

CHA set up day 1 | Jillibean Soup

Greetings from CHA.


Today was the first day of set up for the Jillibean Soup crew. While we got off to a slow start we finished up strong. Each show I always say this year I will take more photos and then the mad chaos of set up takes over and I end up with a random collection of photos. That's what I found last night when I downloaded my pictures.  

I love starting off my day with my latte and a large water. This along with a little chocolate keeps me going all day long.


As you can we did get work done today. The walls are up the boards are done. The catalogues are stuffed.

I am resolving to take better photos. Stay tuned for more from CHA ... Happy Crafting



  1. Thank you for sharing with us - the ones who couldn't go! Will be checking for updates!

  2. Love Jillibean. Can't wait to see the new collections... have an awesome show:-)