Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This blog needs a complete overhaul. My images are getting cut off so until I get a handle on redesigning this blog (in all my free time LOL) you might want to click on the photos to see everything.

Hey Lisa if you are reading this what can I bribe you with for some help with fixin' up this ole blog. Maybe I need to get me a copy of Typepad for dummies.

Coming soon to a blog near you ... a cool Jillibean Soup tutorial on the little flowers I made on my "Got Peeps" layout I posted the other day. I also have a great tip on making the trendy banners you keep seeing on layouts.

Be good today :)

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  1. let's see...i requires lots of beer, you know that. or a really nice martini :)
    you've got the 3-column format like me, so when you upload photos, use the "custom" feature and set the size to 460 pixels. that should work...