Thursday, November 22, 2012

Spellbinders Storage Solution

Happy Black Friday crafters. Long ago I gave up the craziness of Black Friday so instead I think I shall craft myself into a coma. If you follow me on a regular basis you know I work with Becky Fleck's Spellbinders dies. About 75% of my dies did not come with original packaging you can imagine I was in serious need of some kind of a storage solution. 

After a quick trip to Office Depot for some sheet protectors and a binder this is what I came up with.


I bought sheet protectors with different sized pockets then used some white cardstock and double sided tape from Xyron.



I tried to keep the sets that came in packaging somewhat together. I am super excited now that my dies are no longer in a padded envelope that I have to dump out on my desk every time I am looking for a particular die.

Happy Holidays



  1. good idea! seriously thinking of getting some kind of die cutter, other than my cricut that is. Those dies look kinda cute!

  2. Fantastic idea summer, and so nice that it is not that pricey either!! TFS;)

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