Sunday, November 25, 2012

Advent Calendar How To | Lily Bee

Good morning crafters today I have a super simple advent calendar to share today. This project was made solely from the 6x6 Christmas Cheer Tiny Tablet from Lily Bee.



To make an advent calendar like mine you will need the following: Christmas Cheer 6x6 Tiny Tablet from Lily Bee, red cardstock, small kraft envelopes (purchased from Micheal's), 7/8 inch circle punch, 1 inch decorative punch, Baker's Twine, Mini Clothes Pins, Candy, empty frame approximately 18x20 inch and black paint.


Using the 7/8 inch circle punch out the numbers from the number paper in the 6x6 Christmas Cheer Lily Bee Tiny Tablet. Punch 25 decorative 1 inch circles from red cardstock. I used a Martha Stewart starburst punch but you could easily use a scallop punch or circle punch. Then adhere together as seen in the below photo.


Cut a variety of 2.5 x 2 rectangles from the patterned papers in the Tiny Tablet. Punch a border along the long edge of each rectangle and then fold in half. Fill the bags with candy, fold the top down and top with the folded patterned paper.


Sew the treat bags shut. If you don't sew you can always staple your treat bags or even glue them.



I found an unfinished empty frame for under 10$, painted it black and distressed it. I stapled 5 rows of holiday baker's twine along the back. Since I have 2 kids there are 2 treat bags per day. I used the mini clothes pins to attach them to the baker's twine.

Thanks for stopping by today happy crafting!




  1. Summer this is just adorable and although you say it's super simple... I think that's because you make it look super simple. :)

  2. Love this idea for an advent calendar :)

  3. I love this idea for an advent calendar. It looks terrific.