Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom White Balance PSA

I am going to start this by saying I am not a professional just a mom with a camera and a little bit of knowledge I want to share.

Back story ... last year when I went to Scrapfest in Minnesota Kimber and I met up with the Michele Skinner. I adore Michele she is talented, genuine and super funny (why doesn't she doesn't live here I will never understand). During our evening of shopping, laughs and great food I picked Michele's genius photography brain. What I learned ... get a grey card and set your custom white balance. Per Michele's instructions I got a collapsible grey card similar to the one shown below.

What does setting you white balance accommplish ... check out these photos I came across the other evening while working on a project. The first photo was taken without setting the white balance. Can you say yellow.


The photo below was taken after I realized I forgot to set my white balance.


Both of these photos were taken indoors with an ISO of 1600 and no flash. Photoshop was only used for resizing I wanted to leave the colors as they were straight out of the camera. 

Thanks Michele for the tips ... I listened and followed your instructions which if you ask around I don't do often much.

Happy Crafting

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  1. i have a collapsible grey card (can't see the picture here of your's, so not sure if it's the same one), but i havn't tried it yet. lol! maybe i should. since almost ALL my indoor shots are yellow, like your first pic.