Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CHA from the Jillibean Soup Booth

Whoop I made it safely back from another wonderful trip to Chicago last Friday. I took the weekend to decompress and do a much needed room make over for my daughter. I just got around to showing off a few more photos from the show.

Laina helping fluff the booth on day 2 of set up.


Jill and Patty at our famous make n' take island.


It's crazy messy before the crates are taken away and the carpet is put down. A lot of work goes into to making a trade show booth look as amazing as it does. Jill's hubby always spends the first day of set up with us putting up our fabulous corrugated metal walls. It's always a stunning result in the end.


Need I say more ...


Here are a couple shots of the booth just as the show opened. As usual it looked fabulous.

I hope you have enjoyed my little backstage tour of the Jillibean Soup booth. Stay tuned for more photos from the show floor and a winner from last weeks CK giveaway.

Happy Crafting

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  1. Booths can also be considered as a mini retail office, right? You're also working with lots of papers, literally, but crafted ones. How long did it take you to completely finish the installation of that?

  2. awwww! i just love the jillibean booth! always been a favorite of mine!