Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupcakes and Scrapbooking ... happy Valentine's day

Baking requires measurements ... precise measurements. Hmmm rule following that's just not me no wonder I can't bake worth beans. Gee I thought that handful of baking powder looked like a tablespoon. See you can cook this way with a handful of this and that and a few extra cloves of garlic to scare off the vamps but you can't bake like this. Sadly I am not much of a baker yet I try.

I am sure you are wondering what my baking rant has to do with scrapbooking. Ha I have taken photos of some of my baking creations. Some aren't so pretty ... you be the judge.

(Supplies Used: Cardstock Bazzill, Patterned Paper October Afternoon, Alphas American Crafts, buttons from 7 Gypsies/Jenni Bowlin, Corrugated Shape Jillibean Soup, Making Memories Paint, misc fabric, Die Cut from Glitz, custom stick pin from Midnight Rooster and font Arial Narrow downloaded from the internet)

Remember I mentioned I was a bit behind ... this layout was made from the January Midnight Rooster kit. As you can see I wouldn't be a front runner as a cake decorator at Ace of Cakes. Good thing these tasted better than they looked.

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought I would take another stab at baking. These turned out quite yummy. I did learn something ... do not refrigerate frosting it makes it darn hard to pipe on to your cupcakes. I created the toppers by punching a ton of hearts from scraps of paper then I sewed them down the center in 3's and hot glued them to kitchen skewers. I know they ended up looking more like darts than hearts but hey you can't fault a girl for getting crafty.  


Happy Valentine's Day

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  1. i'm a huge rachael ray fan, and she's taught me to eyeball stuff and not measure when i'm cooking. but she says the same thing about baking. you have to measure stuff, so she's not good at baking at all. lol! although, i would think that with you being such a linear girl, you'd be good at measurements ;)
    super cute layout. i saw this a while ago, and loved the title!

  2. aww, i think the toppers turned out cute! darts, hearts, whatever! :)

  3. well at least you attempt to bake - i'm more of a "go-order-it-at-the-local-bakery" kind of gal :P
    and hey we are WAY overdue for a Skype convo - email me this week and let's hook up!!