Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creative Bucket List ... revisited

It's been a while since I put one of my Creative Bucket Lists down on paper so I figured it was best to throw some of the ideas that have been floating around in my head down on to paper (so to speak). A Creative Bucket List is exactly what is sounds like ... simply a list of all kinds of things I want to accomplish be it scrapbooking or sewing or just about anything that fills my creative void. I usually try to put my list to paper at least 2x a year but it's probably been forever since my last one so I am well over due (btw click on the link above to see one of my old lists). So here goes ...

  • TAKE MORE PHOTOS (this one is always on my list I often feel like I don't taken enough photos at the right times)

  • Work with some of my instagram photos (use that tutorial I pinned)

  • Mist (this one has been on the list forever and it I feel like I just started scratching the surface)

  • Go monochromatic

  • Sew a holiday table runner (yeah yeah this is a carry over item I never got around to making maybe this year)

  • Hang the monogram letter in my living room (it's only been sitting there for over a year)

  • Create a foodie album (again another long time idea that just hasn't made it to paper)

  • Stop Scrapbooking so "literally" (I think I need a whole post dedicated to this)

  • Clean out some old product from my office I know I will never use

  • Use more of the 30+ Washi tapes I have accumulated over the last 6 months (apparently I have issues)

  • Freshen up my blog

  • Re-Organize my Pinterest Boards (they are a hot mess)

This list is a work in progress and will change and morph to fit my mood. If you ever wonder I do cross items off my list ... the last item I crossed off my list was a creating December Daily.

Apparently I now have a list of things to do better get crackin'




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