Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mama said eat your Vegetables

I am pretty sure my mom didn't say this because I rarely ate anything green as a child but as a parent I say it often. My husband says one of the many reasons he married me was because we like the same vegetables and I would never make him eat anything weird. Ha I made him eat cauliflower earlier this week needless to say he wasn't happy.

In my quest to stay heathly I found this wonderful foodie website Skinny Taste dot com. In looking though the recipes I found a monster smoothie made with spinach. I don't eat spinach raw or cooked ... issues I know. So I thought to give this a try.


Yes mom I have found a way to eat spinach. Not shown in the first photo is frozen bananas. Sometimes I add other frozen fruit like blueberries or protein powder.

I have made close to a dozen of her recipes and I have loved them all. Today I have her slow cooker Barbacoa Pork going. I am so looking forward to dinner.

Have a great day!!

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