Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Burlap Pillows

I have to say it's been quiet a crafty month at my house. Along with my usual paper projects I tackled a whole bunch of sewing projects that I had on my to do list. Remember my newly covered burlap ottoman from last month here are a couple of photos of my new pillows I made.


I was playing around with some different fabrics here. Funny I didn't end up using either of the 2 prints shown in the above photo.

The pillow looks quite large as compared to our dog. I used 2 different pillow forms from IKEA one 26x26 (see above) and the other 20x20 (see below). Two of the smaller pillows have burlap on one side and fabric on the other. I used a striped piece effect on the larger pillows. This allowed me to use some scrap home decor fabric I had in my stash from a previous failed home decor project.

And becasue I can't resist a cute photo of my dog. He poses much like my kids do.

Happy Crafting ... and yes Lisa this post was designed to taunt you with cute pillow goodness. I do sew for booze and food but Colorado is a bit of a drive.

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  1. They turned out fabulous!

  2. eeeek i love them. and now i need to go to ikea for pillow forms!